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Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Bentes, Lobato & Scaff – Advogados is a corporate law firm that meets the demands from small companies to large corporations, in various areas of law. The law firm has already received several national and international awards and references as a result of its performance, such as the Análise Advocacia 500 yearbook, where the firm is listed as one of the most admired in the country since 2008, and the guide Chambers and Partners Latin America, where it’s been mentioned since 2013.

"Experience in legal services for major projects in Amazonia"

"Experience in legal services for major projects in Amazonia"

Founded in 1981 in Belém (PA), Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Bentes, Lobato & Scaff – Advogados has a wide geographical presence and has several units spread across cities in the North, Northeast, Southeast and the Federal District. The firm has extensive experience in both litigation and legal advisory in areas such as environmental, tax, mining, labor, civil, commercial, corporate and corporate criminal matters, as well as in the implementation of major economic, mining and environmental projects in the Amazon, attending both national and international investors.


The activities developed by the Firm are based on ethics with a focus on honesty of personal and professional purposes and procedures, always observing the laws in force in the national territory and the demanding requirements in the Statute of the Bar Association of Brazil, in the Code of Ethics of Law and other standards applicable to the profession.

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Founded in 1981 by Reynaldo Andrade da Silveira and Jorge Alex Athias, it was called Silveira & Athias S / C - Advogados Associados (associated);


In 1986, Soriano de Mello Advogados Associados, integrated by Juarez and Ricardo Soriano de Mello, was created. In 1989, Gilberto Guimarães (in memorian) merges with the two and forms Soriano de Mello & Guimarães S / C - Advogados Associados, which merged with Silveira & Athias in 1991, changing its name to Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello & Guimarães S / C - Advogados Associados;


In 1993, the firm incorporated the Pinheiro office, by Pedro Bentes Pinheiro Filho, and from then, its name became Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Guimarães & Pinheiro S / C - Advogados Associados;


In 1999, its expansion began, with the opening of units in São Luis, Maranhão, and Brasília, in the Federal District.


Still in 1999, the current configuration was defined, through a merger with the office of Fernando Facury Scaff, which had been created in 1988, from then on, becoming Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Guimarães, Pinheiro & Scaff - Advogados;


In July 2003, Afonso Lobato, who had started in the office as an intern and performed an expressive career in the law firm, became a partner;


In June 2005 the Manaus (AM) unit was opened, and as of July 2007, Cláudio Flores, who managed the civil area at the Belém office, became a partner and coordinates the activities of the Manaus Unit (AM);


In 2007, the office started a strategic expansion towards the Southeast, where it opened the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices;


Due to client demand, in 2008 two new units were opened in the interior of the State of Pará, in Parauapebas and Marabá;


In 2008, Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Guimarães, Pinheiro & Scaff – Advogados was nominated for the first time as one of the most admired firms in the country by the yearbook Análise Advocacia 500.


In July 2010, the firm expanded its operations to the State of Rondônia, with the new Porto Velho unit, in addition to increasing its coverage in the State of Pará with the Santarém unit;


In 2011, the firm completed 30 years of existence and, with an eye on the future and the constant search for excellence in its service, creates a new policy for valuing talents, with the expansion of the corporate structure.


In 2013 the Chambers and Partners Latin America Guide lists Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Guimarães, Pinheiro & Scaff – Advogados as the most relevant law firm in the North of the country for the first time.


In 2014, in order to meet the interests of customers in international territory, with interests in Brazil, the New York (USA) unit was opened, whose purpose was fully achieved by the end of 2016..



Areas of Practice


The firm provides legal counseling in operations involving the concession of public services (as well as Public-Private partnerships) in various economic segments, representing our clients before governmental entities and regulatory agencies.

Our counseling encompasses anywhere from the negotiation and formulation of contracts to legal representation in judicial and administrative proceedings.

Assisted sectors:

Civil Engineering, Road Transport and Sanitation

Experience in the formation of partnerships for the implementation of waste management projects, road construction and conservation/utilization of water resources.


The office has experience in providing legal consultancy in all stages of the electrical energy supply chain (generation, transmission and distribution), generated from renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal, waste-to-energy) or other sources (natural gas, thermoelectric, coal and nuclear). The firm can also conduct negations and analyze the risk of contracts in relation to activities in this sector, such as concession contracts, construction, assembly, provision of equipment, buying and selling of electrical energy, supplying of gas, energy conversion, swap and options of buying and selling electrical energy, among other legal issues that may arise in this sector.


Implementation of projects, aiding in the solution of conflicts involving land, environmental compliance, and those arising from disputes with traditional, indigenous and quilombola communities.


Consultancy for navigation firms and port/terminal operators, among others, in operations seeking the construction/installation of ports and the utilization of port infrastructure.

Our firm provides legal assistance to companies during the initial preliminary discussions and negotiation of projects as well as in their actual execution and operation.

Sectors attended:


Experience in issues involving land, environmental, labor, criminal and contractual law in this sector, aiding companies in the regularization of their activities.

Food & Beverage

Experience in contractual matters for the integration of the productive chain between producers and manufacturers.


Ample experience in environmental compliance issues that companies face in the processing of wood, especially in obtaining the necessary licenses from the responsible agencies.

Iron & Steel

Consultancy provide to firms in environmental and sustaintability issues.

Our firm has experience in the retail and wholesale sectors, representing clients with a strong national presence and local businesses.

Sectors attended:


Legal advice provided to dealerships regarding their relationship with automobile manufacturers, especially in disputes arising from disagreements concerning Law nº 6.729/1979 (Ferrari Law).


Experience in the day-to-day problems faced by companies in this business, notably in labor disputes and tax law.

Shopping Mall

Experience in dispute resolution between Malls and their tenant shops. Legal advice encompasses the elaboration of contracts and other disputes that may arise.

Retail drug stores

Ample experience in providing tax consultancy to companies operating in storage, distribution and sale of pharmaceuticals, as well as in labor disputes and criminal law.

Firm has experience in providing legal aid to companies of different sizes, capital density and technological levels that render services in various activities, assisting in the clarification of any regulatory aspects of their sector.

Sectors attended:


Experience in handling proceedings arising from consumer law, as well as consultancy in corporate, tax and labor issues for health insurance companies, and private laboratories and hospitals.


Legal aid in labor, tax and business law provided to firms who wish to implement hotel projects of various size, accompanying the elaboration and execution of projects as well as the day to day issues that these companies face.


Assistance provided to electrical energy concessionaires in corporate issues, specifically those involving restructuring and acquisitions, as well as consumer disputes and labor claims.


Consultancy to firms who provide mobile and fixed telephone services in consumer disputes as well as representation before governmental and regulatory bodies in various proceedings.


Assistance in the negotiation of Public-Private Partnerships and representation of clients in dealings with the Ministry of Education in order to obtain the necessary authorization to provide services in this sector.

Food & Beverage

Consultancy in contractual and business matters for companies that render services in this sector, encompassing catering companies, bars, local restaurants and international franchises.

Construction & Engineering

Expertise in collective labor bargaining, tax issues and corporate matters that companies who offer engineering, construction, supplying equipment and project management services face.


Aid provided in the qualification of providers of transport services –waterway, land and air – before the responsible regulatory and governmental bodies.



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AMCHAM - Câmara Americana de Comércio

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